• Neutral And Blue


    Neutral And Blue

    Neutrals make you want to
    put your feet up in living rooms.
    With a touch of blue you might
    never want to leave the room.

  • Neutral and White


    Neutral and White

    An excellent combination
    to carry a natural
    and peaceful look.
    With a modern and rustic look
    mixed with leather this
    combinationis ageless.
    Neutrals go with everything
    so these colours can form the
    basis to many styles.

  • Neutral and Red


    Neutral and Red

    Red evokes passion,
    action and desire.
    It is one of the few colours
    which are both mysterious and intimidating.
    The neutral will also help
    ease stress and calm you.

  • Neutral And Neutral


    Neutral And Neutral

    Neutrals are easy-going.
    These colours go anywhere anytime.
    Neutrals remains the perfect
    canvas for anything.