A Guide with Tips and Advice to Choose Decorating Paints

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A Guide with Tips and Advice to Choose Decorating Paints

To get your home paints painted like a pro, choosing the right paints is a major factor. House painting and decoration is a whole process that you need to enjoy if you want to have home paints that look beautiful and inspire you every single day. Doing or redoing house painting may seem like a tempting idea at the first, but unfortunately, it is not that easy. If it were, there wouldn’t be so many world-famous home paints professionals and design experts. There can be many things that can go wrong if done hastily.

House painting is much more than getting access to tools and having all the colours of home paints of your choice. So, here are some professional tips and advice from a Dulux paint expert to begin with your job.

1. Be prepared

Don’t start decorating your house just because you have got a nice idea or neighbours are doing it. Be prepared for the painting job as it will need a lot of time and patience. Also, make sure that you have enough and all house painting materials as well as tools including paints, roller, brush, painting tape, etc., that will be used in your decorating project. This will help you in organizing your task at hand and finish it on time.

2. Don’t compromise with the quality of home paints

Painting a house is a costly affair as it takes time, money, and a lot of physical work to paint a house in the right manner. As you cannot afford to do it every year, experts say, don’t compromise on the quality for quantity. Always use good quality paints . Cheap paints often offer poor quality and uneven and dull finish even after 3-4 coats. For quality work and results, don’t hesitate to spend a few extra pounds on paint type.

3. Use good tools

A good and even looking finish is not all about choosing the right paints only. It has a lot to do with your roller and brush. Use brushes and rollers which promise to give high precision stokes with the minimum paint requirement.

4. Cover everything before starting to painting the room

If it is not possible to shift everything in the next room before taking up the painting task, collect everything in the middle of the room and cover it with some cloth to save it from spills and splatters. Also, cover the floor area with a cotton drop or rosin paper.

5. Prepare the surface before painting it

For the best result, it is very important that you prepare the surface. If you don’t prepare your surface, you can hide dirt and spots under the colour coats but they will make your wall colour fade or peel off soon. Remove all greasy marks and spots, also fix the surface which is cracked or chipped off and also clean the solid surface by rubbing it. Before applying the first coat of paint, follow paint expert advice and use primer for a smooth and even finish.

6. Assemble your paint workstation

Paint expert advice save time and extra hard work, have an organized paint workstation. Organize the workspace with all the necessary tools and accessories including colour cans, paint buckets, brushes, roller, tape, plastic bags, hammers, screwdrivers, can openers, etc. in the middle of the area at an arm's length where you are about to start your colouring job. 

7.  Pay attention to detailing

Don’t overlook corners and ridges of the room as all your hard work may go in vain. Paint trims, above striking boards, around windows and doors, ceiling edges and corners first then let it dry. Now cover everything to paint the main ceiling and wall. Repeat it until you get the desired finish and touch. Let the colour coats dry and settle completely before removing the tape with soft hands.  

Paint expert advice to adopt 

Paint expert advice is important in order to avoid mistakes while choosing a colour for house painting. Dulux paint expert says do some research and visualize the shades on the walls you want to pour. If then too you are unable to decide the colour, try some samples first before diving into a conclusion. Also, make sure that you understand the colour effect and personality to opt for the right hues. If this is a new house and you are choosing colours for the first time, keep the kind of décor and furnishing in mind to keep both in synchronization. If it’s a redo job then too, you have to keep the existing décor, furniture and furnishing in view if you are not planning to dump it and get it new any time soon. 

Why reach a Dulux colour expert?

To think and decide like a Dulux paint expert, you need to decide upon what vibes and energy you want to evoke. What is the purpose of choosing a particular shade and which wall or space need that chosen colour? Dulux paint expert at Dulux help you in choosing the colour which can make your room look bigger, wider, higher or cosy as you like. They will make you understand the psychology of colours and help you in choosing the right colour type for your exterior as well as exterior walls along with metals and woods. They will listen to your ideas and suggest ways to implement them with perfection and make fitting changes in them if required. 

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