SuperClean 3in1

The most advanced stain protection paint equipped with anti-bacterial properties

Dulux SuperClean 3in1

Dulux Superclean 3 in 1 is an interior water based high quality durable smooth emulsion paint developed using the unique tough stain repellent & Anti-bacterial technology for decoration and protection purpose. It gives soothing sheen and a rich finish to the walls for beautiful & gorgeous look. And with KidProof+ formulated protective paint film, Dulux SuperClean 3in1 provides protection for your walls from not only just stains but certain bacteria as well


Superior Washability

Paint film prevents & delays the stains from penetrating further into the wall enabling easy cleaning of walls


Safety comes along with beauty

The paint film is resistant to certain harmful bacteria*


Superior protection from fungus

Helps to keep walls free from fungal growth & black patches