Colour Lookbook: 6 ways to brighten up your home with paint

Simply Refresh’s one-coat ranges have been designed to make it quicker and easier to transform your home, while the colour palettes have been created with contemporary decorating and colour trends in mind – making it easy for you to choose combinations you’ll love. Check out our inspiring tips on choosing and using these premium paint colours.

1. Find your perfect neutral


There is a reason these shades are called “classics”: tried, tested and true, neutral colours slot perfectly into both period and contemporary homes and will give your whole room a lift. The warm honeyed notes, above, effortlessly pulls the different elements of your room together and bounces light around the space. Alternatively, creamy shades add a note of crisp sophistication, while cool neutrals create a bright and clean canvas for colourful furniture, accessories or artwork.

2. Set the tone

Simply Refresh is perfect for quick and easy transformations, so you can update your room in less time. Use it to re-energise your home with uplifting shades. Here, a dining room feels tranquil and laid-back – the perfect backdrop for good round-the-table conversation. 

3. Divide and conquer

You can use colour as a tool to change how a room is viewed – and used. Here a children’s shared bedroom has been cleverly divided to give each child their own space – with a two-tone wall that combines sunny Golden shade and sweetly pretty Pink with a quirky accent stripe. 

4. Consider all angles

Take a moment to consider your space. As you look around, which walls are visible at the same time? Can you see into the next room? If you’d like to add some personality to your space with layers of colour, a simple way to start is to choose two contrasting shades for adjoining walls or rooms. You can’t go wrong if you pair a warm neutral from the Dulux Simply Refresh range with a bolder dark grey from the Feature Wall collection. Together, they create a sense of relaxed elegance. To try out your colour combinations, find our our visualizer app.

5. Rooms within rooms

Using colour to zone your space is especially effective in multifunctional rooms. You might opt for a feature niche to highlight the architectural details of your home, or create an area with a particular purpose in mind. Here, a workspace, painted in rich and intense purple shade, has been created in a corner of the bedroom, while the rest of the room is a warm, neutral shade. 

6. Colour your mood

Colour is a well-known mood-booster that you can use to create the perfect atmosphere for your space. Soft pastel shades create a sense of comfort and calm, as in this bedroom painted in Tranquil Dawn. The airy painted walls and simple plywood bed-deck create a zen-like atmosphere of tranquillity. 

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