Blue bedroom colours for every kind of room

Blue bedroom colours for every kind of room


What more can you ask for if just one colour family is giving you all the choices and freedom to set out the mood you want? A blue colour bedroom always catches the attention even if it is the last corner of the house. They always stay in style as they can come off as moody, intense, calm, bold, serene or energetic. To top it all off they pair exceptionally well with a wide array of colour options.

If you are also looking to have the perfect blue colour bedroom that can go well along with your ultra-modern or traditional décor, here are the perfect choices for you.

Icy Blue 

If the vast sky is your inspiration and you want to bring it indoors, icy blue is one tone. The blue-grey combination in high-gloss reflection is enough to bring outside in.

Gray Blue 

Want to paint a colour which can make your bedroom look calm and soothing? The Blue with grey effect helps to create a serene feel in the bedroom and also helps in improving the focus if you do like to read books or do work from home.

Celestial Blue 

If you want a real colour without many mixed tones in it, celestial blue is a true colour. It is a clear blue that doesn’t have hints of any other shade. It is a very décor friendly colour too as you can put any kind of furniture and painting with it and it will work as a nice background. To add a more wonderous effect to the room, you can add nice artificial lights to let it pop or the objects.

Pale Blue 

Pale blue is a classic yet timeless shade that compliments not only the latest trend but also the traditional ones and all others in between. The soft appeal of pale blue introduces a relaxed and healing effect which is best for a bedroom ambience.

Caribbean Sea Blue 

Caribbean Sea blue is a bright and clear colour that represents endless depth and calmness. It radiates bright and beautiful walls in a high-gloss finish.

Green Blue 

This ethereal blue is a muted turquoise shade that looks very light and airy on the walls and is perfect for a calm and cool bedroom if you want a tone that is neutral but not warm and bright. Choose to paint it in a matte finish for a clean and minimalistic look.

Polo Blue 

If you want a dark and deep shade in your bedroom that can absorb the depth of the room and make it cosier and more tranquil, paint your bedroom walls in polo blue with a matte finish. As dark shades in matte finish absorbs a huge amount of light and make a room look more organized and arranged. 

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