Make working at home a pleasure with a dedicated study area decorated in beautiful shades of blue.
Create a stylish study nook

Blend blues to create a stylish study nook

Make working from home a pleasure with a dedicated study area.

Lacking the space to set up a dedicated home office? If you have a living or dining space with an unused corner, why not use colour to carve out a little study nook from the rest of the room?

For a clean, cohesive look, zone the room using different shades of one hue to create independent areas. Encourage a feeling of calm in your study space by choosing a colour one or two shades lighter than the rest of the room, like rich teal paired with powder blue, or turn your study area into a focal point with a bright, bold hue, like coral or emerald green.

The right furniture can also do wonders to help you create a pocket of stillness within a dynamic living space. A wall-hung desk will keep the floor free and maximize the feeling of space, while accessorising the area with artwork, a desk lamp and shelving will further define the nook as a study space.

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