Colour Trends for Your Bedroom Makeover

Colour Trends for Your Bedroom Makeover

With the change in weather, and the coming in of the riot of colours with spring; it is time we bid adieu to layers and snugs and embrace the hues of this beautiful season. The freshness of the green leaves, the brightness of the dawn, and the vibrancy of the season shouldn’t just be limited to the outdoors but should reflect in your rooms as well. So here we are, counting down the best spring colour trends that you can use to give your bedroom the immaculateness of the season. Gear up with this fun ride to choose the colours that sit best with your personality and design aesthetic. 


Bonnie Belle: Get the Coral Blasting in Your Bedroom

Spring is synonymous with a wide array of flowers in their full glory. We are thinking of a majestic coral hue galore that can brighten up any space. This springspruce up your room by giving it that quintessential coral wall to add a dash of colour and the spirit of spring. Our shades like Bonnie Belle and Tea Dance can fit the bill! 


Daring France: Peaceful Purple for the Win

Spring is also the season of blooming lavenders that give an unprecedented majestic edge to the outdoors. How about we bring the same essence to your bedroom with our signature Daring France shade. Using it in the most sophisticated ways can bring an eclectic elevation to your bedroom in a few strokes. Here, you could either go for a culmination of violet and soft violet shades like Daring France and Vogue Violet, or just do a singular accent wall in addition to accompanying neutrals. 


Rich Thailand: Breathtaking Jewel Tones for Decadence

Looking to incorporate the freshness of spring but with a twist? The you can go in for the unmistakable vivaciousness of jewel tones such as Rich Thailand and Olde Hunter. These shades will give your room a unique accent and add a brighter route to help stand out. This is also a very European take on incorporating Spring to your bedroom space. 


White on White: Surreal Woods and White 

To whoever who believed when in doubt, go for white, was right! What says more spring, than uninterrupted rays of light, minimalistic hues and a complete downplay of any in-your-face accents. If you are looking to give an illusion of increased space, a free flow of light, and ample aesthetic breathing, then whites are the way to go. To give that rustic edge, you can add elements of wood in the décor. Our classic White on White and Belgium Lace are great colour options to choose if you are seeking to go through the minimalistic route to spruce up your bedroom this summer. 

The best bedroom colours for the season include a wonderful range of hues that would give you an essence of change into the season of colours, and yet keep the spirit of coziness unperturbed. 

We have tried to make this list inclusive of all choice profiles, from trendy to timeless. Whatever your aesthetic is- sensational, serene or stylish, there is something here at Dulux to choose from. Happy Spring from us to you, may it be the beginning of all things beautiful! 

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