Modern room colour schemes to do up living rooms

Modern room colour combination to do up living rooms

It needs a visionary mind to think and envision about the right room colour paint because a complete house is a very complex space to doll up and picking the right room colour adds more pain to it.  It needs visionary sight as well as patience to get great room paint ideas and splash the best room colour paint. So, choose one such room colour scheme which is not just eye-catchy, but calm and timeless too. We know it is little complicated for you so we have compiled few room paint ideas to see through.  

1. Versatile white 

A home is about calmness and serenity and what can be better than versatile white room colour paint in the entire room. White room paint ideas are becoming more popular with every passing day among contemporary designers due to its uncomplicated effect. You can play as much as you want with furniture, furnishings, decors, fabrics, design aesthetics, and lightning if you have white allover. It’s a handy pick for those who have no clue how they want their final style look like. Moreover, if your taste changes over the time, you can colour your walls without any fuss.  


2. Soft tones of green

Among bold and daring choices, soft greens give you options to have a little muted look of walls. This is a more calm and absorbent room colour for living spaces where we spend most of our family time. But if you want a little stronger colour, olive green is a perfect pick. It looks amazingly well and give nature-inspired vibe to the house. Serenity and calmness are two required feelings of the living space and green manage to evoke that perfectly whether you use on accent wall or all over the space.  


3. Calm and muted neutrals

Seen enough of grey and beige in last few years?  If you are looking at choosing some other neutral shades, you may pick among mint green, hazelnut, golden yellow, and mushroom. Or can use these muted neutrals in combination with dark shades on accent walls. This is a striking combination and people are making bold colour choices to get a creative and unique look with neutrals like dark blues, black, and purple with yellow, cream, and greys.   


4. Dusky pink 

Dusky pink and blush pink tones are making space in our houses because of their soft and refreshing looks. You can go with monochromatic or dual paint scheme to create a glamourous, soft, blushing, airy yet modern flattering space.


5. Flowing and calming blues

Blues is not only deep and timeless, but adaptable and cool too. Blue gives you great options to choose from softest to the most daring tones if you want to make a statement without trading off on elegance and comfort.  

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