Wall Paint Colours to Give Your Home a Luxurious Look

Wall Paint Colours to Give Your Home a Luxurious Look

It’s not expensive to give your home a million-dollar look, it’s rather tricky if you don’t happen to be a pro. Decorating on budget is the concern of each one of us, so here are few wall colour choices offered by Dulux in wall paint category for not only upgrading your home space, but its entire character and personality. 

1. White 

white can never go out of style as it has been refining the home décor and styles for decades. White wall paint does not only refine the look of the walls, but entire house and also looks charmingly elegant. If you want to get a warmer, spacious, and clean look at the same time, you can choose between creamier white or bold off white wall colour to get the high-priced house tag.

2. Blue

What can be better than blue if you want to inject luxury in the home space. Blue is one of the most rich and adaptable wall paint colours which looks effortlessly luxurious if painted on any space. Depending on the shade you choose, it may have versatile personalities, but one thing it definitely offers is calmness and serenity along with class irrespective of the fact which hue you fall for and pour on your walls.  

3. Grey

Paint grey wall colour to add the rich and cosy appeal to your home. If you strive for sophisticated and expensive twist, use grey to accentuate the overall space. It goes perfectly well with bold contrasts and defines the luxurious persona of the house.    

4. Black

Black is probably one of the most complex and profound colours one can go for. It is bold and strong and able of adding an expensive edge to big size spaces. To light up the space and make it look trendy with rich look, add the tones of black and golden in layers and patterns and you will be amazed to see the wonder of black.  

5. Brown

Brown is the colour for all kind of people as it can set the contemporary as well as traditional vibe in the house. If you have to choose one colour which can go extra mile to create an imaginary luxury feel into your house, brown is the one. Or if you want to have a nature inspired house, use its neutral and natural tones (it may sound quirky, but going to turn amazingly well if you pair it with other right shades). And the best part is, brown is the colour of all generation as we are seeing it in our surrounding for ages. 

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