colors for a cozy winter home

Colors for a cozy winter home

As days grow shorter and nights get colder, most people spend more time indoors --curled up in a blanket or preparing comfort food in the kitchen. There’s a reason why most species choose this time of the year hibernating. While you can’t sleep in cave for 4 months, you still can warm up your space and elevate your mood by adding any or all these colours throughout your interior.

Make Your Own Grey Area

Colours like Soft Mauve and D.A. Grey in the middle of your room gives it a more dramatic feeling, creating a visual landing point as your eye travels through the room. This bold use of colour instantly creates a feeling of cosiness because there's a sense of perimeter in the space. Choosing a dramatic hue like along the lines of grey is key for a room with soaring ceilings and plenty of white

Exuberance Over Exotic

Take a one-way ticket away from the Vanilla and Beige world! Inject energy into your winter design by trying hues that’s out of the ordinary — Signal Red & Deep Orange. Even though these colours are on the brighter side, you can make it cosier by adding a warm white faux fur throw and other soft details. It will make your room look festive in its own way and perfect for the winter and holidays. 

Rustic and Cottage Aesthetics

Sometimes all it takes to infuse a space with warmth is a simple throw of a couple of earthy colour tones. Deriving colours from everyday items like lamps, book shelfs, brings upon a warm, sassy vibe to the room. Add a rustic tone to an existing colour like Teak or a Timber Gold brown to give your space more earthiness. 

No Hue Like A Greenish-Blue

Super Forest Green is the perfect choice for winter. There is a great warmth to this bluish tone that bridges grey and green quite beautifully while making your space look livelier and more spirited. This shade would be the ideal for room for where end up doing your daily yoga and meditation sessions. 

Charcoal Gray

A monochromatic palette of deep, inky charcoals makes this room feel like a cosy, mid-winter’s dream. It’s important to pay careful attention to all elements of the design when working with a dark, tonal palette like this one. It's all about that perfect mix of layers and textures working together and playing with the light in the space to make it work from day to night. Accent lighting with gorgeous lamps and soft white bulbs can take any space from good to great.

All in all, we would like to say, invest your time and money into rooms that you spend the most time in, such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or master bathroom. Or, if you’re expecting company this season, update the guest room with a fresh hue. 


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