Interior Wall Paints for Homes

Interior Wall Paints for Homes

As they say, “Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates”. As much it is important to make your home look ravishing from the outside, interior wall paints are what gives your home it’s soul and personality. So no matter what expensive furniture you put in, the interior wall paint of your house would always be the backdrop of all your décor. Here are some hues collated by our expert team of interior designing to add a little bit of life to your home: 


Light shades of blue like Phiroza & Sky Blue have become very popular paint colours for homes lately. These modern colours not only add a royal touch to your space, but the high-gloss finish adds some extra punch. It's basically the colour of wanderlust right in your own home. It'll make you feel like you're on vacation, even if the closest you're getting to an island escape is your laptop's screensaver. 


If you’re looking for a soft, subtle yet soothing shade you’ve landed at the right space. Pista is the hue for you. This pastel shade is the perfect example of how to use bold, offbeat colours with restraint. A lime-wash pistachio wall complemented with painted fireplace add just enough lightness and texture to make a statement but still feel minimalist.

Orange Is The New Black

If you are an artsy person who likes to feel a pop the moment you walk in your room then Dawn Glow is the ideal choice for you. These tangerine type walls provide a dynamic backdrop for you to hang your artwork and make them stand out loudly. The vibe is really unexpected, sometimes making the room feel sunny and bright. 


Hues like Almond White and Orchid White are warmer than white but still neutral, thus creating the perfect backdrop for an inviting yet formal living room. You can always warm up these shades by adding wooden furniture, bold coloured floorings or accents if you feel these shades are too dull. 

One of the Grey-ts

Light Grey or Smoke Grey could be the perfect shade for a charming family-friendly home, as play up the colour scheme of the entire house if you add some eclectic furniture and decor into the mix. These shades more complex and less stark than a classic white, but still neutral enough not to steal the spotlight.

In a nutshell, go for the shades which make you feel ‘at home’ the most, because you’re literally buying them for your home. You don’t really have to replicate that one classy décor you saw in a magazine one day, never underestimate the impact of an original masterpiece. Keep coming to this space if you’re looking for more ideas to redecorate your space, we hope we got you closer to landing the perfect shade for the interior wall paints for your homes.

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