10 best colour palette inspiration for room painting and bedrooms


Are you planning to paint your home but overwhelmed by room painting colours ideas doing rounds all over the internet? We understand that it’s difficult to envision how room paint colour is going to look with furniture, lighting, and overall décor. You have to brainstorm a lot before deciding the perfect room paint colour for all rooms. While determining the right room painting inspiration, just keep in mind that every room is a different space meant for people with different taste and personalities. So, keep this fact in mind and also painting colours for ceilings, trims, windows, doors, and length and width of the room. In order to help you with coming up dream painting colours for your house walls, a few room painting choices are suggested to provide you a relaxing and tranquil space. 

The best colour of the palette for room painting and bedrooms

1. Lavender

Lavender gives a serene feel. Though lavender and lilac’s light tones are understated, but exude serenity with vibratingly attractive frequencies. 


2. Light green

If you want to create and infuse a calm, clean, and earthy tone, use light green in the house with white or grey. 


3. Rose pink

Rose pink as well as blush pink look comforting and blends well with golden accents or vibrant copper to create a warm effect. 


4. Slate blue

Blue is associated with calmness, cleanliness, and happiness. Use slate blue or costal blue room paint colour on the interior walls to evoke serenity in sunny days as well.  


5. Purple

Purple is playful and royal shade. If you want to give a sophisticated and elegant edge to your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, use deep shades of purple.


6. Gold

Metallic colours look like shining star of the interior. Elegant metallic gold paint complements the space best when painted on accent walls and also it makes a room look larger because it exposes the entire space elegantly.


7. Dark grey

Grey is a modern colour. If you also want your home look modern, use rich shades or warm tones of dark grey to bring out deep and modern appeal. 


8. White

White absorbs all negativity and reflect positivity. It draws its powers from the environment and spread it in the living space uniformly. White also helps in making the space decluttered and more functional. Plus, white has a wide variety of splashes to choose from on the walls and to add in the décor. It depends how you choose your chic. 


9. Light blue

Cool blue, light blue, pearl blue, sea blue and other bright light blue shades create a modern and minimalist feel in the interior and adds a perfect touch on the walls. 


10. Yellow

Dark yellow for bold and light yellow is for soothing feel are two opposites but excellent painting colour choices. Bold yellow makes your room walls look lustrous and rich whereas soothing light yellow brings a cheerful touch.

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