Let the Interior Fall in Love with the Walls

Let the Interior Fall in Love with the Walls

A home radiating with glamorous lights and colours gives a heavenly feel. Having a dream home and living a luxury life gives another level of joy, isn’t it? But is it easy to have that feel in the small spaces also? Of course, it is possible because each one of us cannot afford a farmhouse or villa.

It’s you and us together can turn an idea into reality.  With the help of various shades of colours and integrating them with your idea, it’s certainly possible to get your dream home building into reality. We at Dulux, paint the most beautiful homes of your inspiration for you irrespective of their shapes and sizes. We are committed to transform your old styled dwellings into modern ones. And all of this you can witness with your eyes if you are ready to take this journey with us.

To start with, first we will see the most marvellous colours for walls in living room. As living room is the busiest space of the house, it should look vibrant all the time. If you have any specific shade in mind, choose the desired tone from our colour palette and if you are not sure, let us suggest you some striking options. But You also need to decide whether you want monochrome walls or two different shades? If you want to go with two shades, mint green / royal blue / powder blue / dark grey / marine blue / pale blue /pistachio / army green / deep brown / bold yellow / lilac / olive / navy blue with white or its tones or with the lighter tones of the dark are the most liked choices.  If you want to keep it single tone, Ebony and Amethyst are really nice shades. And if you want to give it a royal feel, crisp white all over with sparkling brown and golden interior may bring a luxurious affair.

Once you have chosen the colour, it’s time to create the magic with texture paint designs for hall and let other objects in the room see it with the envy. Texture paint designs transform the hall into a dream space and give it a feel that you will want to stay there for longest.

Once you are done with colours for walls in living room and texture paint designs for hall, time to pay attention to interior. To make it more cosy, comfy, and luxurious, let the interior of the room join the hand with wall colours to enhance its overall effect. Choose the design, shades, wood type and metal of interior wisely coupling with walls’ shades and texture. Don’t pack the entire space with hundreds of decorative pieces. Leave some open and free spaces to make it look more spacious. Also choose the ceiling and other lights which can be blended together well with the colour of walls and interior so that the sparkling effect of walls can radiate your class and style without uttering a word. As a part of the same family, we as a brand always try to match up to your expectations and create a happy home for you. We hope you had a beautiful experience with us.

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