Hacks That can be Used with Red Paint

Hacks That can be Used with Red Paint


Red paint is considered a bold and statement-making colour that can dominate any other colour easily. It has such a powerful energy that it can disturb the peace of the space if you haven’t used it thoughtfully. There are some rules you should go by before picking red paint for home or pouring red paint in any corner. 

If you are to pick red paint for home, there are some general colour matching rules that you should know.

1. Go by Colour Wheel

Colour wheel has three primary colours: red, yellow, blue; three secondary colours green, orange, purple; and six tertiary colours blue-green, red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, red-violet, and blue-violet.

To know which colour can work best with red, you can refer to the colour wheel. If you want to choose with primary red colour, white, yellow, blue, green, black, and orange look well. The brighter tones of red like tomato red pair well with mint green, sand, cyan, creamy-white, and gray. Cherry red pairs well with light-orange, sandy, azure, gray, pale-yellow, and beige. Whereas raspberry red paint for home makes a hit combination with black, white, and damask rose. Depending on the shade of red paint you are using you can pair it with other colours. 

2. Less is more

As red is a strong colour, so use it less to reduce its dominance. A little splash of red can lift and enhance the appearance of a room, so add a pop of colour against the neutral colour that you have all over the space. 

3. Choose red if it’s your favourite colour 

Choosing red while making clothes choices is entirely a different experience so don’t rely on it completely. Though it is not a bad idea to choose the colour you like but choose red if you truly love this colour and never going to be bored to see it. Because it happens many times that people don't find themselves comfortable with red if it is used too much. Also, since it’s a dominating colour that radiates high energies, make sure that you balance this effect to have a peaceful sleep.

4. Use red as an accent colour 

If you want to use red on a large area or a large wall, use muted blue-based red. And if you want to use accents of red, use an orange-based firecracker red. 

5. Use red to make a statement 

Red is the best colour to make a statement. For that, you can pair it with gray and white on the walls. And also, to let it make a bold statement, you can pair it with white, gray, and muted greens in linen, furnishing, décor, and furniture. 

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