Paint pink to empower your princess’s dreams

Paint pink to empower your princess’s dreams 

Most of the girls adore pink, especially our little angles. Pink is an emotion for little girls, and they pick everything pink when they are set free to pick including clothes, accessories, footwear, teddies and toys of their choices. When they love this colour so much, why to keep them away with their love when their room’s walls can be painted in most subtle baby pink. Pink is such a colour which complements the cuteness of your little princess. You know if kids’ room is painted with their favourite colour and it has all their favourite toys and items, they tend to stay in room for more time. So why to miss an opportunity when you can turn their dreamland into wonderland too. When you choose to pour baby pink or hot pink colour on the walls, you are not just pouring the paint, but emotions too. As the emotions in the glittery eyes of the children can be seen from far while brushing their room’s walls with their favourite colour. They become so exciting that they keep on standing next to you to see how their room is going to look like until it’s completely done. 


Why baby pink for tender beauty at home

Like your little girl, baby pink is a tender colour. It gives a delicate feel and creates a nice effect and background which goes well with the energy of your naïve innocent child. It can create a space where she wants to stay as the aura and craft of calm pink catch her fancy and she can enjoy her complete babyhood to fullest.

Even if it’s not a girl child, then also you can paint room with baby pink as this goes well with little prince’s taste too. The tender touch and feel of this colour seem soothing even if your little one is innocently mischievous.  


Hot pink colour for growing little girls’ room

A little dark colour starts fantasizing a growing child as with the age they tend to get mature and able to remember more thing and more shades of colours and attracts energies around. Their nature and energies become intriguing and intuitive and it’s the time where their energies need right direction and right space. It’s time when colour effects their mood and lives so it should be such a colour that can enlighten them in both ways as soon as they enter in the room. To match this energy hot pink colour is a captivating choice which creates charming effects on the walls. Strong strokes of this shade are going to add a completely new feel and curtains in lightest shade tuning in with it are going to blow a fairyland feel. 

Till now just half of the work is done. There is lot to add on. After walls and curtains, next comes the bed, cupboard, interior, and other decoration. Paint the cupboard and side tables in the opposite tone of pink that you used on the walls. Use white and hot pink on the head side of bed with matching/contrasting pillows and cushions. Place the colourful plants in the corners or you may paint dolls, teddies and such characters on the walls too to make it more of a fun place. On the ceiling of the room, you can paint few radiating shining stars with grey/black/blue background glazing and blessing on your sleeping princess. I hope this ravishing idea can turn your princess room into a space which you wanted to create for her.  

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