Painting your bathroom is a quick and affordable way to create a new look the whole family will love.
A relaxing, spa-like bathroom

Beautiful bathrooms you don’t have to wait for

Why a beautiful spa-like bathroom doesn’t have to cost the earth.

“We want to have the bathroom decorated in our new home, but we don’t have enough money for a complete overhaul at the moment.”

In our recent global survey, one fifth of people said that getting the bathroom done was a top priority to make their new house feel like a home, especially following a stressful move.

Yet moving to a new home can be expensive, leaving little money for costly renovations. In fact, 38% of people put off getting the decorators in after moving as they simply can’t afford it.

The solution? Consider using paint as a quick and affordable way to create a new look the whole family will love. Our Dulux colour expert Louise Tod explains how you can achieve spa-like serenity without blowing the budget.

1) Make an assessment

Take a thorough look around your new bathroom and make a ‘to do’ list including only the jobs that can be easily and inexpensively fixed.

2) Where can you add colour?

Is your bathroom tiled? Then consider adding a pop of bright colour to the ceiling instead.

3) Not sure about using colour?

Our Dulux Visualizer app is a fun and easy way for you to see an instant impression of how your bathroom will look once it’s painted.

Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your Smartphone or tablet, simply hold up your device up to the wall or surface you want to paint, choose a colour from the Dulux colour palette paint palette and tap to make the colour instantly appear.

4) What colours are on trend now?

Grey is an increasingly popular colour for bathrooms at the moment.

From the palest dove to the deepest slate, it’s an easy way to add a sophisticated feel to your scheme.

Which paints? French Silver Sanctuary

5) Go for bold shades

If your bathroom tiles are white or neutral you have the perfect opportunity to experiment by painting any remaining wall space in a daring colour you’ve always wanted to try.

Combining green and white will help make a small bathroom feel fresh and airy, while marine blue will have a calming effect and help unify a mismatched scheme.

And don’t forget about yellow. An intense shade is perfect for dark bathrooms and will immediately lift your spirits.

Which paints? Cape Maryland Elise Lemion Zest

Top tip

If you are replacing old or broken tiles, cut costs by only tiling the areas that will come into direct contact with water, such as the shower. This will also leave you more wall space available to paint!

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