CF 2016 landing hero image
CF 2016 landing hero image

Colour Futures 2016

International colour trends

The overriding trend for 2016

This year, we find ourselves at a unique crossroads in time. We are at a very interesting point where we can see the advantage both of tradition and also of modern innovation; where the importance of weighing up opposite opinions and views has never been stronger. Digital and modern techniques are here to stay but we look for inspiration from the past to be able to design for the future. This theme of duality is the driving influence for 2016.

Colour of the Year - 20YY 36/370 F1.34.58

Still bright enough to attract attention while also subtly referring to the past and the colour of the earth, it also combines well with other tones.

Heritage & Future

Driving the foundations of our identity

Words & Pictures

Documenting our lives

Dark & Light

Celebrating the night

The Grid & Letting go

Freedom with a framework

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