CF 2016 Dark and Light hero
CF 2016 Dark and Light hero

Dark & Light

Celebrating the night

One of the key trends for 2016 is the importance of darkness. The introduction of Earth Hour – where millions of people around the globe all turn their lights off on the same day, has highlighted how much light pollution effects us all. Research has proven how important it is that we have a restful sleep, to recharge and regroup without the disrupting influence of light. It’s not only about humans: research shows that light pollution can also effect the nighttime biological activity of plants and wildlife.

Just as we need darkness in order to see the stars in the night sky more clearly, the Dutch masters of the 17th century showed how their techniques at capturing lustre and the play of light was best portrayed in contrast to dark hues.

Many of the colours in this palette blend seamlessly together, recalling the tones of both dusk and dawn during the ‘golden hour.’

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