Dulux SuperClean Kidproof Challenge
KidProof Challenge2

Dulux SuperClean - KidProof Challenge

Show us a more washable paint than this and get your home painted for free*

We as Dulux are the global leaders in paints and paint technology. Here, we ensure that we live up to the Dulux reputation for adding colours to your life, along with total product performance that is, both, recognised and expected by our customers. We know you take pride in keeping your home clean and beautiful. Your home is also a cheerful and delightful place where your children can play, explore & grow. However, Kids will be kids. They will learn by being messy and test limits they don’t even know about yet. They’re just being kids. We know this, but sometimes they push us beyond our limits, and we respond with anger, or harsh words. No one’s perfect. However, your child’s development shouldn’t be at the expense of a beautiful home and clean walls.

Our advice; let kids be kids. Because now, forgiveness is easy.

Presenting Dulux SuperClean; with its revolutionary KidProof Technology™, stains are easy to remove and colours remain just as vibrant for longer. Dulux SuperClean is not only for your walls, but also for your kids to be kids in the comforts of your home. So if you were not watching your little ones start freely exploring & developing their creativity, sit back and enjoy because you are only a few wipes away from clean & fresh walls once more. So come take the Dulux SuperClean KidProof Challenge* and if you can show us a more washable paint than Dulux SuperClean, we will paint your home for free.*

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