Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx

Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx

Dulux Weathershield PowerflexxUltra Premium Exterior Paint comes with Rainproof technology which enables the latex in the paint to stretch up to 7 times more than any other premium exterior paint. This revolutionary innovation protects the walls from hairline cracks, extreme heat, UV rays, rain, dirt and dust. Get Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx, get protection and confidence.

Dirt and dust resistance through its Dirt Guard technology

Ordinary elastomeric paints have a softer paint film; this allows the paint film to stretch to cover hairline cracks. However, the paint film is also more sticky and and has poorer dirt resistance. This makes the wall look dirty more quickly. Dirt Guard Technology resists dirt and dust with it’s special UV-cross linking function, which binds paint molecules when exposed to the sun's UV rays. Dirt and dust particles stay on the surface, unable to penetrate the paint film easily; when the rain comes, these get washed away. As a result, exterior walls look fresher and cleaner longer.

Alkali-resistance through its Alkali-Guard technology

Cement walls have moisture and alkali salts within. As the moisture evaporates, paint discoloration can occur; in serious cases, alkali salt deposits form, causing damage on the wall. With its unique Alkali-Guard technology, Dulux Weathershield molecules are strongly bonded together, creating a paint film that gives superior protection from alkali attack.

Heat reflectance with its SunReflect technology

The heat that we feel from sunlight is from the sun’s infrared radiation. This heats is absorbed by exterior walls, passes through to the interior of the home, making the room feel warmer. The Dulux Weathershield SunReflect technology uses special pigments which reflects infrared radiation back to the atmosphere. Heat build-up on exterior walls is reduced by up to 5°C, keeping homes cooler inside.

Fungal resistance with its Fungal guard technology

Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx is complete with preservatives that fight algae and fungus thereby resisting formation of ugly black spots and fungal patches, keeping the exteriors of your home in a good shape for years.

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