Textured finishes from Dulux Weathershield, with stone-solid protection.
Weathershield Signature

Dulux Weathershield Signature

Textured finishes for exterior protection.

Once you have built the castle of your dreams, you need to fortify it. In this case, against the assaults of rough and harsh weather. The exterior walls of your home need more than just the perfect colour to look beautiful; they need a shield to protect their beauty for years to come.

Dulux brings you Weathershield Signature, a range of exclusive textured finishes powered by Stone Solid Protection. This exterior emulsion has redefined protection with its high performance and aesthetically superior acrylic based finishes.

The product is formulated with natural stone extracts that helps your walls look striking and in good shape, making it durable and tough. Its filling property efficiently covers hairline cracks and prevents water seepage.

With Dulux Weathershield Signature make your exterior walls the centre of attention and admiration, and let your home stand apart.

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