CF 2016 Heritage and Future hero
CF 2016 Heritage and Future hero

Heritage & Future with Red Colour Palette

Driving the foundations of our identity

‘You need to know about your past in order to design for your future.’ Today’s global brands place great value on exploring and displaying their past history. At the design fair in Milan for example, many companies were showing their timelines alongside their future products. Why? Because their heritage lends them an authenticity and credibility that cannot be faked, provides a sense of longevity and alsohelps to shape their future. By looking both ways, they are able to take inspiration from the past, to demonstrate the foundations of identity, and gain confidence in their next steps forward.

Vintage and antique references may be contrasted with – or support – the modern-day; and there is a sense that by appreciating one’s history, both as a person or a company, we build value and become more fully shaped and prepared for designing the future.

Translated into a colour palette, we see the reds that reflect our rich heritage, but also have a bright contemporary feel that points to the future.

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