Adding a simple coat of paint is a quick, easy and affordable way to transform an unloved space with immediate results.
An elegant blue bedroom scheme

Make it wow: transform an unloved room

Take our room-in-a-day decorating challenge and re-ignite your passion for an unloved space.

“I had ambitious decorating plans when I moved house, but now the main rooms are done I’ve lost my motivation.”

In our recent global survey, 45% of new homeowners said they wanted to decorate as soon as they move in, but in reality it can drag on for months. Adding a simple coat of paint, however, is a quick, easy and affordable way to transform an unloved space with immediate results.

Still putting off painting? We ask motivational psychologist Cliff Arnall for his top tips on how to kick-start the decorating process:

1) Make a to-do list

If decorating your new home has stalled, it’s time to make a to-do list including only the jobs you’ve been avoiding.

2) Formulate a plan of action

Remember, you don’t have to do everything at once! Break the items on your list down into small, fun and quick projects that won’t overwhelm you.

3) Select one job at a time and set a realistic target

Setting a realistic goal to complete a particular project – like painting an awkward room in a day – is a great way to kick-start your motivation.

If you set out to do something and you do it well, it’s a great confidence boost.

4) Focus on how great you’ll feel once it’s done

The key to re-igniting your passion for an unloved space is to imagine how satisfied you’ll feel once you’ve successfully completed painting it.

5) Imagine how your home will look

This is where the Dulux Visualizer app comes in handy. After you’ve downloaded the app to your Smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to see how amazing your room will look once it’s painted.

It’s important to project the sense of achievement you’ll have once your project is finished before you do it. Allow yourself to be excited. Once you’ve finished decorating your new home, you’ll feel like you’ve finally finished moving in.

Top tip

If you’re still deciding how to use your space, choose a versatile ochre shade, such as Corsican Treasure, that’s easy on the eye and adaptable.

If you’re afraid to gold bold, try a pastel hue, such as Pink Ballet, to soften the look.

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