Want to update your outdoor area? Learn how to paint your metal garden chairs in vibrant colours for an instant transformation.
Revive garden chairs with vibrant colour

Revive garden chairs with vibrant colour

Know how to get metal outdoor chairs painted.

Painting your garden chairs in bright hues is a great way to update your outdoor space. It’s as easy as following five simple steps:

  1. Before you start, it’s important to consider what kind of metal you’re painting. You may need coat of red oxide metal primer before applying paint.

  2. Prepare for painting by covering the floor and surrounding area with newspaper or an old sheet.

  3. Remove any loose rust and flaking paint with a wire brush or coarse sandpaper. Then, give them a wash with a mild detergent. Once dry, apply a coat of metal primer.

  4. Time to paint! Apply a thin coat of paint and leave it to dry as directed on the back of the tin, then apply a second coat for best results.

  5. Let your chairs dry for 24 hours in a spot that’s protected from the elements. To complete the look, add a few colourful cushions and a comfy outdoor rug. Sit back, relax and enjoy your colourful outdoor haven!

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