Dulux AquaTech Waterproofing Solutions

Sometimes, you stumble upon something that may lead to an experience you had not expected. Such is the love story of Parul and Painter that happened amidst the most unexpected circumstances. You probably would never face such a situation in real life, even if you wanted to, because now with the new Dulux Aquatech waterproofing solutions, the walls of your home will always remain rock solid.

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Dulux Aquatech

Heavy rainfall can damage homes, with exterior cracks causing leaks and damp indoors. Dampness and seepage cause blistering, chalking and dark spots. Such issues can only be corrected by applying the right products to protect the surface before painting. Dulux presents Aquatech - a range of superior waterproofing products that provide advanced solutions to fix and prevent all common problems related to dampness and seepage. The range includes an array of waterproofing products like pre-treatment coat, exterior and interior basecoats, crack filler and additives to help your home achieve and maintain perfect finish.
Dulux Aquatech - Ultimate water defence for lasting protection you can rely on.

Ultimate Water Defence

Prepare, repair and protect with the entire range from Dulux Aquatech - the superior waterproofing system.

Protect dampness exterior wall

The range of Dulux Aquatech Exterior Basecoats deliver a very high film build for an impenetrable layer that repels rain and moisture for optimum waterproofing.

Protection against cracks

Dulux Aquatech range of Crack Fillers provide solutions for every type of crack. The fillers are a one-time application product that do not need to be applied in layers.

Protection against interior dampness

Dulux Aquatech offers interior protection against dampness in single as well as dual component products. Designed to protect the walls against various kinds of dampness

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