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Key information
  • Finish Mid Sheen
  • Coverage 50-60 sqft/litre/2 coats
  • Drying Time Touch dry - Upto 30 mins
    Recoat drying time - 6 hours
    Curing - After 72 hours of application (low traffic)
  • Coats 2
Product Features
  • Anti Algal
  • High Adhesion
  • High Washability
  • Abrasion Resistance

Product Description

Dulux FloorPlus is waterbased acrylic emulsion exclusively designed to protect and beautify interlock tiles, cemented and concrete surfaces, walkways and terrace floors. Its special formulation provides high adhesion and superior abrasion resistance technology keeps the surface protected for years to come

Health & Safety

HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENTAL SECURITY: • No added Lead, Mercury & chromium compounds • Lead content in dried paint film does not exceed 90 parts per million • Treatments such as sanding, burning off, etc. of paint films may generate hazardous dust and other fumes. • Wet sanding/flaming should be used wherever possible. Work in well ventilated areas. Use suitable personal protection equipment. • Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing • Do not empty into drains or water course • Call a POISON CENTER or physician if you feel unwell • Keep away from food drinks and animal feed. • Lift with care - gross weight may exceed 10 kg or

Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces

    Application Tool: Suitable for application by brush or Roller.
    Surface Preparation: Freshly Plastered/Concrete surfaces must be allowed to cure completely. It is recommended to allow at least 12 weeks as the curing time for new masonry surfaces. Ensure surface is thoroughly clean, dry and free from all loose dirt, chalk, grease or oily material, laitance, organic debris, fungi, algae and flaking paint. This can be achieved by brushing with a wire/stiff coir brush or power tool cleaning followed by water jetting if required and appropriate surface cleaners. For repainting surfaces ensure all the old coating should be removed completely before application of Dulux FloorPlus.
    Any cracks or crevices present should be filled with suitable filling compounds /cement sand mixture before application. Any dampness issue needs to be arrested appropriately before application. Dulux FloorPlus should not be applied to the surfaces which are exposed to continuous seepage or dampness.
    After cleaning, sand the surface to remove any smoothness or glossy areas using wire brush or power tool sanding. Wash with Fresh water and allow the surface to dry.
    Self-Priming coat Application:
    Self-priming coat is must for Dulux FloorPlus. Apply a self-priming coat of Dulux FloorPlus to the prepared surface by diluting with 15-20% clean water and allow it to dry for min 5-6 hrs.
    Stir thoroughly before use. Apply 2 coats of Dulux FloorPlus with Max of 5% dilution over the self-priming coat and allow a drying time of 5-6 hours between the coats. Don’t over dilute the paint more than the recommended dilution.
    Drying Time: (Single coat at standard thickness):
    • Touch Dry: Upto 30 Mins.
    • Recoat: 5-6 hours.
    • Curing: After 72 Hrs of application. (Low Traffic)
    Drying time may vary according to temperature and humidity. For instance, drying time will be significantly longer in cool and damp conditions.
    Cleaning: Clean all equipment with clean water immediately after use. Refer to Dulux Product Data Sheet for further details.
  • 2. Storing
    Observe the label precautions. Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place away from sources of heat, ignition and direct sunlight. No smoking. Prevent unauthorised access. Containers which are opened should be properly resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage. Do not use or store any paint container by hanging on a hook.
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