How Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased paint works

Discover how the walls and ceilings of your home can improve its indoor air quality and your family’s wellbeing

You can vacuum, scrub and wipe the surfaces in your home to keep it spotless – but there’s one area that’s much harder to keep clean and healthy. It’s the indoor air, which can be up to two and a half times more polluted than outside. Fortunately, there’s a clever way to reduce your indoor air pollution – Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased paint. To understand how it works, it helps to explore how indoor air pollution is produced.


Causes of indoor air pollution

While there are several factors that can contribute to poor air quality outside, inside your home, one of the biggest sources of indoor air pollution is formaldehyde. It’s part of a group of gases that are referred to as VOCs (volatile organic compound) and is present in a range of common household objects, including furniture and carpet. At room temperature, formaldehyde is emitted from them. You can’t see it in the air but breathing unsafe levels of it in can be bad for our health.


While air purifiers can filter out large particles, such as dust, smoke and pollen, most can’t remove formaldehyde from the air. And while some indoor house plants have been shown to be able to absorb gases, they do so on a small scale compared to the amount of indoor air pollution present in our homes. Which is why Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased paint is a more effective and more efficient option – with no power socket or watering required.

Create a happy, healthy home

Inspired by nature, Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased paint works to continually clean the air in your home on a large scale. While it might look like any other paint at first, it’s actually been specially formulated to actively remove harmful air pollutants, including formaldehyde.

Once it’s painted on your walls and ceilings, Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased paint captures harmful pollution from the air. It then neutralizes the particles, converting them into harmless molecules and water vapor, which evaporates into the air.

In independent tests, Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased paint removed up to 80% of formaldehyde from the air – meaning your indoor air quality is improved for a healthier home.


Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased is also made with natural ingredients, including active bamboo charcoal and tea tree oil, and has a host of other benefits. It’s also anti-bacterial, resistant to fungus, low odor and low VOC – meaning there’ll be fewer harmful air indoor particles in your home to start with. Plus, it has no added lead or mercury and is USDA-approved. All of which means it’s better for your home, your family and your indoor air quality.


Where can I use Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased paint?

The more surfaces Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased paint is applied to, the greater the air purification effect. This is why it’s been created in a palette of naturally inspired, easy living colors. Soothing and versatile, they’re perfect for any room of your home, and can be used to decorate ceilings as well as create beautiful, hard-working walls.

There are 75 shades that work as three coordinating palettes – Calming Breeze, Thriving Wind and Flourishing Breath.


Calming Breeze: Inspired by metallic textures and tones, this palette is filled with creamy off-whites, soft, delicate pastels and relaxed grays. The blend of versatile neutral warm and cool colors has been designed to bring a sense of calm, clarity, lightness and peace into your home. Whether a creamy pastel pink with a grayish base or a chic graphite shade, each is effortlessly timeless and tranquil.


Thriving Wind: Visual warmth is guaranteed with a palette inspired by fire and raw earth. These colors have been designed to bring joy and bliss with uplifting accent colors, saturated plums, grounded terracotta tones and cheery pops of yellow. And while you’ll still find complementary whites and pastels, this is where you’ll find delicious darker shades, which are ideal for adding drama.

Flourishing Breath: Wood and water are the key influences behind this palette of fresh blues and greens. And, like a flowing river, or a tree just coming into leaf, each shade exudes both energy and calm. Perfect for bringing easy balance to busy family life, you’ll find crisp whites, deep mossy greens and relaxing blues – ideal for creating a coordinating scheme or as invigorating wraparound color.


Improving your indoor air quality naturally has never been so easy. Discover the science behind the paint now.

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