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Why it is Important to Pick Right Waterproof Paints?

Make Every House Damp and Leakage Proof with Waterproof Paints

It feels mesmerizing to peep out of the window and see the fresh strokes of rain touching your palms or you are enjoying the rain. Rain may make you feel good but for houses, it’s a challenge to protect them from harsh water strokes and windy air. Clogged water and rain cause a lot of issues such as water leakage and damps if waterproof paints are not applied on the surfaces which are exposed to a lot of water and moisture. Waterproofing paint not only protects walls and roofs from getting in moisture and water but also increases the life of the building and structure. So, it becomes important that you choose the right kinds of waterproof paints for your house. Here is the guide to help you pick the right waterproofing paint for each corner of the house. 

Masonry Waterproof Paints
It is a waterproofing paint for roofs that are made from a mixture of ceramic and latex paints. It is one of the most preferred solutions to waterproof roofs across the world because of its certain characteristics. It can be applied to any kind of roof because it doesn’t let the water penetrate the roof and locks the water and moisture out. Not only this, but it also makes the roofs dirt-resistant and durable. Plus, in this paint, there is almost nil lead concentration, so it makes the paint environment-friendly too. And it also contains fungicide and algaecide properties to stop the algal and fungal growth on the roof and walls. 

Acrylic Waterproofing Paint
It is an excellent paint for roofs and terraces which are built with rectangular blocks. It increases the life of the roof by resisting the water when applied with primer. This happens because of the elastic property of acrylic paints which expels the water from the surface. They are easy to apply and odor-free, quick-drying, and non-toxic in nature which makes them a desirable choice for waterproofing roofs.

Epoxy Waterproofing Paint
If any of you is struggling with the problem of a lot of damps on the roofs, epoxy waterproof paints are one of the best solutions. They are made from resins. This paint is also known as poly-epoxides and damp-proof paints. Its application secures your terrace and roofs from water penetration as well as concentric acids. This is more durable than any other waterproof paint because it is thicker than any other waterproofing paint. That is why it is one of the most reliable and probably the best paint types to protect the roofs and terraces from damps.

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