How to create a waterproof living space?

How to create a waterproof living space?

Practices have shown that problems related to seepage and leaking can be avoided in any type of structure by just taking a small step. If you haven’t built a waterproof roof and haven’t applied the coating of damp-proof paint, it’s going to cost you heavy. So, don’t wait to let the damage happen and waterproof your roof and building today. 

To protect the building from damage and give it an extended life, right waterproofing solution is necessary. Because water leakage and moisture cannot only lead to building damage and collapse, but also can create threat for human lives too. And it will hit you hard financially if a new constructed building is damaged up to a point where there is no repair work possible but to reconstruct it again. Since you are smart and have been making reasonable decisions throughout your life, it will seem obvious to you to invest in prevention rather than cure. You won’t like paying heavy for damage, repair, and reconstruction. Every kind of construction work and building demands protection and care from water damages and other environmental risks. So waterproofing terrace and your entire building is the matter of utmost attention. It becomes more crucial if your construction work is a reinforced concrete building because it is more prone to corrosion which will reduce the life of the building significantly and risk human life additionally. Waterproofing is such a needful practice which need to be followed from the very initial step of construction. Otherwise as soon as the monsoon will approach, or whenever it will rain, you’ll be busy in covering and protecting terrace, shades and timber of the house/office from water leakage and damp effect. 

We all know and accept without a doubt that exterior specially terrace is the most exposed part of the house, and it has to suffer all the dust, dirt, rain, sunrays, moisture, humidity, and heavy winds which results in discolouration, damp, and damage. It’s a mandatory step to provide waterproof protection to your terrace. As an easy solution, the very first ideal choice as waterproofing solutions is damp proof paint. Answers of your all doubts like why it’s an ideal choice and how it works are given below. 


How damp paint colour works?

Damp proof paints have water-reacting agents in its mixture to block water and moisture penetration at residual surface. As a result, it reduces the occurrence of damping and eye soring discolouration. Damp paints have strong polymers which resists water along with durability to paint. And the bonus part is, its coating leaves a smooth touch and glossy finish which makes your walls and roof calm and subtle. 


Why damp-proof paint coating is an easy and ideal choice?

Damp-proof paint coating is the ideal choice because of the following reasons:

  1. It can be applied to cement, bricks, concrete, and plaster.
  2. It creates a seamless, thick, and durable membrane which stops water and moisture penetrating your walls.  
  3. It’s elastic-like formula make it to do well in all seasons (Winter, Summer, and Rain).
  4. Its coating ensures no staining and helps in keeping vertical walls dust free and flat surfaces free from the effect of waterlogging. 
  5. Its application creates a smooth and flawless layer. For better results, 2-3 coating can be applied.   
  6. Damp walls cause unpleasant, musty, and toxic smells, which may impact your health. Use of damp-proof paint can avoid all these potential health risks.
  7. Its application makes it less likely to experience fundamental and structural damages to the property and furniture.    
  8. It makes your home exterior look welcoming and attractive and interior safe.


So, if you are building a house or facing water leakage and waterlogging problems, paint your home exterior with damp-proof paint after making sure that walls and surfaces are properly cleaned and dried before the application of paint. Damp paint coating will help you prepare a home which can stand strong and beautiful even in worst of weather conditions. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive solution to protect your terrace from water leakage or runny water, apply damp paint to waterproofing your terrace/roof and entire exterior. Because it offers more durability with reasonable aspects of maintenance and repair.  

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