Choosing the perfect colour combination for your home

As someone with keen aesthetic sense, you know how the interiorsof your home make a statement about your personality. And usingthe right colours in the right proportions is the fi rst step towards aholistic décor, along with answering the many questions in yourhead. What combination goes well with existingfurniture/upholstery? How can I use my favourite colourappropriately? Is it possible to create my own customizedcombination? The answers to all these questions and more can befound in this simple Velvet Touch decoration tool. Choose from avariety of combinations to easily mix and

Tone-on-tone combinations combine a dark or a mid-tone shadewith a light shade in the same colour family. They work best in thespaces you’d like to keep it simple, yet interesting – your livingroom, hallway, study etc. For example, using the landmark Manish Malhotra Red on your main wall; along with light fresh pinks on thesurrounding walls, brings a stunning focus to the room.

Harmonious combinations, on the other hand, allow you to be alittle more experimental. Pick your favorite colour and combine itwith another colour belonging to nearby family in rainbowarrangement of shades. Colours that are close-by in the visualspectrum complement one another. For example, pick a peach andcombine it with a lovely pastel orange – and your room willblossom in natural harmony.

Wide Contrast Combinations let you be more daring and out-of-the-box. Combine a colour with another one that is far away from iton the rainbow arrangement of colours. For example, fl ower Indigosand sunshine yellows stimulate energy and activity when usedtogether, making it an ideal colour combination for a teenager’sroom!

You can also make colour combinations to refl ect your fashion styleby choosing from a hand-picked palette by experts.

‘Portraits’, a décor concept by India’s leading fashion

Pearl Elegance is a collection that has a delicate palette of powderpastels, whites, pinks and violets-lending subtle sophistication to thedécor.

Creative Expression is a bold and adventurous collection withclean, bright oranges, reds and purples.

Stylized Simplicity brings out nature’s beauty with its fresh paletteof sky blues, grass greens and natural earth colours.

Palettes so brilliantly designed, that each colour goes with othercolours within the theme, to evoke a distinct look & feel in yourhome. You’re now ready to use the Velvet Touch Decoration Tool tomake your own colour combinations from a wide variety of solidcolours, patterns and textures.

To know more about these exclusive fashion decor concepts andchoose the one that best suits your style download the completedecor guide here.

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