Create Extra Space While Painting Your Kitchen

Create Extra Space While Painting Your Kitchen

It is not an overstatement, that changing the paint of a room is one of the most inexpensive ways to give it a makeover. This can be extended to one of the liveliest rooms in a home- the kitchen! If you are looking to create an illusion of extra space in your kitchen, then look no further. We have the best painting strategies for you that can help create extra space in your kitchen. These ideas will help you not only stick to this makeover project on a budget but will also aid you in making some drastic changes to give you a realistic feel of a transformation. 

Here are some painting ideas that can help you create space in your kitchen. 


Let Neutrals be the Key:

If you have a small kitchen, neutral colours can be a life saver. They reflect light perfectly to give an illusion of a larger space. Using it on the walls and other elements in the kitchen can recede the visual boundaries and give the feel of a much larger kitchen space. Colours such as Las Caux Cave, Spider’s Web and Pewter Grey are ideal for this purpose. Use different shades of the same colour to make sure that there isn’t a blank canvas that creates monotony. Wentworth White, Spider’s Web, and Gentle Tide can go together in that tandem.


Add Bright Colours:

Adding bright colours to the wall to make the space stand out. These unexpected bursts of colour add a vivacious touch to your kitchen. When the bright walls interplay with the light neutrals in the kitchen the light reflects to give an idea of a large room. It looks catchy to the eye and adds a great mix of colours. Our shades such as Canterbury Lane, Rosebowl, Bongo Jazz, and Daring Italy can fit the bill when it comes to adding bright hues. 


Create an Accent Wall:

Accent walls are a great way to add boldness to your kitchen. These darker accents can help recede the wall in question to the background in order to create the essence of an enlarged space. These accents could be anything, and in any shade. But you can always go for shades like Theatre Lights, Garnish, and Prelude Blue. They are all of different colour spectrums and can add the quintessential zest to your kitchen.


Using Whites to the Rescue:

This is the most classic approach to increasing the size and visual appearance of any space, use white! White not only creates a great contrast but also gives the illusion of pushing the walls behind to make it seem like a bigger space. As mentioned before you can beat the monotony by using different shades of white like White on White, Baker White, and Minimalist White can be used in tandem.

Kitchen is the most used space in a home. Making sure that is bright, airy and spacious is the key to keep it warm and cozy for everyone. This list will help you make your kitchen more spacious and lovely! 

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