Warm yellow shades on a wall adds a dash of sunshine to any room.

Choose muted yellow to bring a little sunshine into your room

Cheerful, energetic yellow adds instant warmth to any room, particularly soft, pale shades that are easy on the eyes. Muted yellows like buttercup, vanilla, saffron, or sand could help brighten a space with limited natural light or make a space with high ceilings feel cosier. (Choose a shade that leans towards orange, rather than green, to enhance this colour trick.)

There are many shades of yellow to choose from, ranging from light and subtle to bold and vibrant. Soft, muted yellows work well in bedrooms and living rooms, while brighter yellows can be used in kitchens and dining areas for a fun, energetic look. A yellow accent wall, yellow furniture, yellow decor, or yellow textiles can all be used to bring a touch of sunshine to your home.

Whether you choose to paint a feature wall, add yellow textiles or decor, or use yellow furniture, this versatile colour is sure to bring a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere to any space.

It’s handy to remember that yellow can look twice as bright on the wall as it does on the paint swatch, or in the tin. Test a few shades by painting two coats of paint onto sheets of white A4 paper. Let them dry and stick the cards to your wall. Observe at different times of day and night, as well as under natural and artificial light. You’ll soon know which shade is the perfect yellow for you.

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