Designing a Minimalistic Living Room

Designing a Minimalistic Living Room


Minimalism is the design trend of the season. Everyone is wanting to declutter their spaces to make it more airy, spacious, free flowing and calm. Our living spaces play a major role in the way our emotional, physical, and mental health functions. Therefore, maintaining a space that is conducive to a positive and an airy environment is essential. In this list, we will talk about the various colour hues that you can use to create that quintessential minimalist space, that speaks volumes with minimal accent pieces. Follow this guide to incorporate minimalistic colour and décor ideas to rethink your living spaces. 


Whimsical Whites:

If you are planning to go through the tried and tested route, then white is the way to go. From classic shades like Almond White and Orchid White, you can also go for composite colours such as Crisp Linen and Belgium Lace. White helps you create that essential free space in addition to accentuating stand-alone pieces that can shine. White will give you a clean canvas to build your minimalistic room around and will give an instantaneous free-spirited vibe to the room without much hard work.


Neutral Nuances:

As again, white is not the only colour that can be the first choice when it comes to creating minimalistic spaces. There are neutral shades that can do all this and much more. Our deep neutrals such as Monterey Cliffs, State Brown, and Pebble Mosaic can be used to give the room a vivacious base. These neutrals can then be supported with wooden furnishings and marble floorings. The colours will instantaneously fuse with the minimal surroundings to give the perfect amalgamation of elements. 


Blissful Blues:

The second unconventional route to minimalism that can be taken is through the deeper hues of blues. The reason we are going for the deeper hues, is to be able to deliver a strong backbone to the design to then free flow with the lighter elements more effortlessly. Shades such as Arctic Night, Signature Blue, and Phantom Blue are spot on for this purpose. In addition to this you can pair grey concrete flooring with honey wooden accents. 


Gorgeous Greys:

The next approach to minimalism is to mix Grey tones in its various glories. You can incorporate darker shades such as Inland Winters and Dark Secret with more lighter variants such as Gentle Tide and Steeplechase. Add these to a light wall of White on White and you have the perfect canvas to paint your minimalistic room on. With this colour play, a little accent of deep woodwork and subtle marble flooring, you are ready to lure everyone who visits your space. 

Minimalism is a great way to bring life-changing transitions in your daily lifestyle. Extending that to your living spaces will bring that peace and calmness to all facets of your life covertly and overtly. We hope this list helps you get the right mood board, to get you started on the journey to create your minimalist living space that speaks volumes with just a few pieces!

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