Wall paint ideas to beat age and time

Wall paint ideas to beat age and time 

Every year introduces new home décor trends and wall paint ideas. Not only the décor, but also paint colour combinations that we use on walls keep on changing. As soon as we see recently designed house painting ideas, it tempts us to give a makeover to our house as well. So here are few trendy paint colour combinations unveiled for you which are doing rounds these days.

1. Rising Grandmillennial Style

It may be said a twisted ‘granny chic’ style. People want to feel nostalgic and comfortable so they are using grandmillennial style because the trend helps to create layered space which helps in managing anxiety and give a relax feel. This is the most popular trend because we all want relaxed and comfortable abode. Go for this style if you can pull off this style and like simple and unobstructed place with a mix of vintage furniture pattern, linen, decor and accessories with modern pieces. 


2. Running Simplicity with Unobstructed Functionality 

A home is all about calm and comfy space where we can relax and chill-out. Simple wall paint ideas are not only the safest but trendiest choices too. A home is heaven for all so it should be safe and inviting. It should have the most relaxing and calm paint colour combinations on the walls like grey and neutral shades, an ultra-comfortable sink-into sofa with low maintenance wood articles and pieces in faded and time-worn finishes. All this is enough to uplift the vibe of your house.  


3. Comfortability 

We all want to run away from chaos of the city and hide inside our houses. To make your resting space comfortable and cuddly soft, use soft house paint ideas, layer the space with cuddly soft textures, tactile, and materials’ made bedding, cushions, knits, throws, and faux fur. This is going to make your space more inviting and fashionably updated. Try to incorporate everything in home décor in the matching shades of wall paint ideas without going over done to add character to a room.   


4. Roof Windows

We all want more and more natural light in our houses and this is the trend too as it looks stunning to install window roofs. It allows more sunlight and skylight to come in and a viable option for the dark and gloomy spaces. Earlier this trend was popular in kitchen designs, but now making its place in rooms, home offices, and open-plan living spaces. Plus, roof windows design has health benefits too as many of us are still working from home and spending day in an airy space in natural light is going to enhance productivity as well as keep us happy and healthy.   


5. Dark Natural and Earthy Hues

People prefer dark earthy house paint ideas for accent walls, tiles, and major furniture pieces. They choose dark brown, dark green, dark grey, dark blue or dark purple to make a statement without overdoing it complementing it with the same toned rugs, cushions, drapes, and other room décor linens and accessories. All that matters is, it should look good to you. 

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