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Exterior Wall Paint Colour Combinations 

Winter is here! And each one of us seems to have a love-hate relationship with this season of cold-biting winds and warm-fuzzy snuggles. While this is the season of hibernation for most species, we humans can still implement a little differentiation into the homes we design. Here are some winter specific wall paint colour combinations brought to you by Dulux that’ll light up your home. 

1. Awesome Cherry Blossoms

Shades along the lines of Cherry, Burgundy and Mahogany would seamlessly complement the wintery looks since many of the flowers and berries in harvest — dahlias, juniper and cranberry, for example — bloom in this hue.

2. A Little Bit Of Sunshine

Cold, dark winter days can make your home feel just as gloomy as your mood. What better way to warm up than with a splash of Golden Yellow? Yellow has always been known to be associated with warmth and joy, like the sun. It evokes a pleasant feeling, and has the ability to make people feel happier, especially when it is bleak outside

3. No Scenery Without Greenery

A soothing shade of green like Jade Green would be a great fit for winter, as it is reminiscent of pine trees and leaves of holly. While other greens may scream spring or summer, Jade works beautifully as a cold-weather choice thanks to its depth. It's cosier than a normal green as normal green is a fresh and bright colour, this particular hue is intense and deep. We suggest pairing this shade with golds and deep greys for a luxe feel.

4. Wild Lilac & Never Go Back

Wild Lilac isn’t an obvious choice for winter, and that’s what makes one of our top picks. It’s saturated yet soft and bold yet delicate. It jolts you out of winter’s monotony with its flowery vigour but keeps you cosy with its complexity and depth. 

5. Nothing Like Navy Blue

Deep hues like this one really make a space feel intimate and inviting — perfect for the winter season. Naval blue has always been known for its versatility and works for a variety of spaces. It can be regal and classic on one end while being trendy and hip on the other. 

6. Your Shelter In The Woods

When you think of the word 'cozy,’ you would often find yourself picturing natural and warm tones. Shades like Mushroom and Sandstone feel very organic, reminding you of the mother nature. Think pinecones, tree branches and the wintery outdoors. 

Now go head give your house the Winter makeover it needs. If you are a ‘Windsdor Castle’ person or an ‘Old Cottage In The Woods’ person, Dulux has options for each and everyone of you. 

So, what more do you want? Immerse and indulge yourselves in the spirit of makeovers and transformations in the New Year with Dulux’s wide range of vivid colours. We hope these exterior wall colour combination ideas hope redefine your home and transforms your humble abode into a living dream that you deserve.

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