Living room wall colours

Beautiful Colour Combinations for a Living Room


The beauty of opposite colour combinations for a living room lie in the fact that one shade lets the other dominate to balance the mood and effect. If you want something different than a combination of white and blue wall colours this time, pick your favourite colour combination for your living room from the below-given list of best wall colours:  

Scarlet and Amethyst

Amethyst stone shade and scarlet are two such living room wall colors that can enrich the entire ambience of your living space. A gem like radiating amethyst on all the walls and velvet touch sofa and sittings, linens and drapes with a framed accent wall in scarlet tone make your living room interior look like a royal palace. 

Yellow and White

If you want a colour that looks subtle yet vibrant, minimal yet sunny and fresh, paint yellow. Yellow with white looks phenomenally great on living room walls with the same colours’ furniture, drapes, cushions, paintings, and art pieces. To grace the combination of yellow and white, keep the flooring black.

Teal and Brick

If the architecture of your house is old or inspired by colonial time, use saturated colours to balance it. Teal on the walls and brick to décor the air space of the room bring a bold and powerful vibe and look outstanding.  

Mahogany and Blush

This is one of the best combinations if you want to have a minimalistic look in your living room. Pale pink on the accent wall works as a backdrop for the art pieces and paintings and draws natural focus. To complement the accent wall, use mahogany on the rest of the walls or only on the ceiling for a good change.

Black and Peach

Peach has various shades and all look amazing. Probably that is why it never goes out of trend. For a surprising change keep black in contrast. It will allow your living room to look clean, balanced and a little more formal.

Aquamarine and Electric Blue

Colours have the tendency to create dimensions and statements if paired with the right colour combination. Aquamarine and electric blue are two such shades from the same family which add more features to your living room if tied together.

Burnt Orange and Charcoal

This is one of the most loved and appreciated colour combinations in living rooms. The reason why it is loved by all because it is a gender-neutral combination and both the colours are absorbent so choosing room décor and furnishing becomes easy.

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