Wall Paint Colours to Give Your Home a Luxurious Look

Wall Colour Combination for Summers

No wall colour combination is inferior to the other. Depending on the geographical conditions around, one must choose the bedroom wall painting of the house. If you are living in a dry state where temperature reaches too high during summers, choosing the warm and reflecting wall colour combination will be like inviting more heat to penetrate in and sticking around. 

For the states which have to bear a lot of sun exposure and heat, we have picked some cool and in trend wall colour combinations which will set a calm and cool effect in your house. 

1. Neutral Hues 

If you want to choose a colour without any criteria, neutral colours are the best. Irrespective of the weather conditions there are some neutral colours like white, beige, green, browns, and pastel blue which always look elegant and calm. Being the natural in tone, it is easy to combine and blend them with dark pops. One more very impressive characteristic that neutral colours hold is, they quickly adapt their surroundings. So, this is the answer what you were looking for. 

2. Urbane Bronze

The next modern colour in the list which is grounded yet classic is Dulux Urbane Bronze. To give your home a modern twist, pair it with undertones of gray. This new-neutral combination is going to cultivate composure and comfort without splashing too fancy and bold bedroom wall painting colours

3. Transcend

Transcend is a peaceful and cool colour goes well with delicate white or string of pearls offered by Dulux. It embraces heat of summers and adds depth with earthy feeling if you choose the deep tone for the walls so that you stay restful in the house.   

4. Aqua Fiesta

Aqua Fiesta may become your all-time favourite colour for the years to come and beyond due to its fresh and marine tone. This colour has the serene power so you will stay at ease all the times inside the house without being much concerned about external hot weather conditions. 

5. Pastel blue 

White, pastel blue, and pops of dark blue make a perfect combination for wall painting. Light hues of blue with white on walls and dark blue, white, and wood in furnishing are going to give your home space a tranquil feel during scorching¬ hot summers.  

6. Green 

Finally, green can never be skipped if we are talking about summer colours as this is not just a visual treat to eyes, but one of the most soothing colour choices with healing and calming effect.    

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