Pretty Pink Color Combination for Wall

Pretty Pink Color Combination for Wall


If you are a young couple and want to upgrade the romantic quotient of your bedroom, have a pink color combination for wall.  Because pink adds excitement to the décor. Pink colour strikes a perfect balance between gentle and fierce because it can effortlessly add grace to walls and lift your mood instantly. If you have a pink colour bedroom, it will give you a cosier feel as if you are wrapped in a blanket of comfort. 

Because your bedroom deserves to be the best so to spice up the feel and add vibrance, you can have beautiful pink wallpaper, some adorable pink cushions, elegant floral printed curtains, and some romantic light. The other advantage of having a pink colour bedroom is, it effortlessly blends with other colour combinations and décor. If you want a pink color combination for wall, here are some ideas presented to you.

Pink with Green

This is going to be a refreshing combination. A shade of soft pink colour bedroom having some green elements in it is going to be an always in combination. Because elements of green like indoor potted plants, leafy wallpaper or frames, some green cushions on the pink or white sofa and chairs are going to bring a classy and refreshing aura to your bedroom.

Pink with Beige White or Creme

If you love pastels and neutrals and looking for a classic pink color combination for wall, colours like white, beige or cream with light pink look stunning. This colour combination will make your room look brighter, lighter, and spacious along with adding an element of serenity. With this combination, you can have some fancy décor and white furniture for clean yet modern appeal. Because there is nothing like pink and white combination for the wall.

In case you’re confused about which shade of drapes and curtains would go well with pink, you can pick blush pink or rose gold. These two tones will add elegance and luxury to your room.

Pink with Blue and Gray 

Pink makes a compelling combination with gray and blue. Gray with pink adds elegance and sophistication whereas blue adds luxury to the room. A lavish pink wall with almost black or gray wooden furniture and some beautiful indoor plants will make your room your favourite spot even if you want to have some fun or read books in your bedroom space. Pink, blue and gray make your room look a little bold but pretty so you can go for it without any doubt.

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