Feel like giving your bedroom a makeover? Pair copper orange – the 2015 Colour of the Year – with cool neutrals for a contemporary look.
Modern makeover with copper orange

Makeover your bedroom with copper orange

Use this warm orange to create a modern sleep sanctuary.

Sleep easy

To create a cosy bedroom with a modern twist, try this beautiful copper orange – our 2015 Colour of the Year. This warm shade creates a romantic atmosphere, perfect for transforming your bedroom into a soothing sanctuary.

Nature’s colour palette

A mixture of terracotta and dusky pink, the clay tones of copper orange give this colour its warmth. Why not dip deeper into nature's palette and pair copper orange with other earthy tones? Cool neutrals such as stone grey will provide a strong contrast, while warm neutrals such as dove grey will help you create a softer look.

Create a cocoon

For the ultimate bedroom sanctuary, paint the upper walls of your room in copper orange. Then, use stone grey on the lower sections to create a sense of depth. For a contemporary lift, you could paint a paler stripe in dove grey around the room – this also helps to define the space. Finish the look with bed linen in neutral hues to enhance the bedroom’s modern feel.

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