Neoteric Home Color Design Schemes

Neoteric Home Color Design Schemes

Being bold with home colour design is not risky at all as being unexpectedly unconventional is the trend of the decade. If you are here in an awe of searching for the best colour for home, take a deep breath and read the entire blog as this is going to be a good help without costing anything for the idea. 

1. Teal with Royal Blue

Saturated hues balance the build of a house and bold pops make your home colour design a focal point. Use the bold pops on the wall you want to adorn with all your achievements and fondest memories.  

2. Mint green 

This is one of the most admired colours of the palette which allows you to use it with any lightest shades of blue, grey, off white, pearl white, or silver. It freshens up your living space and calms down its bold character.

3. Powder blue with white

 If you want to add composure to your home, paint this home colour design which is the best colour for home after gray and white. We have seen a lot of gray and white, so if you want an equally awesome and happening change for a constrained space, dunk the wall in powder blue accent and white on the other three walls including ceiling. If your room size is too small, you can paint blue on the ceiling also as this will create an illusion of broad and heightened room space.   

4. Yellow with Black/White

Depending on your taste, you can use mustard yellow with black or sunny yellow with white. With white/black wooden furniture in yellow contrast. Though the combination may sound a little courageous, but trust the trend and go with it. This is one of the best combinations for kitchen, dining, and living room areas as it sets a bright and energetic feel in the space wherever you use it. 

5. Pearl Pink with Gray

After built and architecture, only colours have the power to create and add different profiles to homes. If you want a home profile which glows in light, go for graceful and elegant pearl pink with gray. 

So, these are few best picks suggested by professional interior designers, but before splashing any of the shade on the entire wall or choosing the contrast or combination, be prudent and take sample test first. Because it can save you a big penny. 


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