paint colours for small rooms

paint colours for small rooms

It’s not necessarily true that light colours ‘open a room’ and using a darker shade would make you space look more ‘overwhelming’. The idea of owning a private space to yourself is to create your own little world and give it a splash of your personality. A room big or small room shouldn’t hinder you from expressing yourselves- as the legend says, ‘beauty comes in all shapes & sizes’. 

Most experts suggest that using white hues is the only way to make your room look bigger as your walls reflect light, which apparently make your space feel more open and airier. Is that your only option? We don’t think so! Here are some noteworthy options from us that’ll help you find the perfect colour for your tiny little world- 


Light The Way

Softer shades of colour like Suede and Blue Bell White add warmth to any small space. The secret lies in using them in moderation so they don’t end up swallowing your space. You can even pair them with a natural cottage core decor and a stunning patterned rug to get the ultimate instagram-worthy look and feel.


Purple Rain

Wild, loud colours, like Lilac & Super Amethyst Shower 2, actually work better in small spaces. Just imagine how in-your-face this shade would be if it were all over a giant living room? In order to not overwhelm your space with this funky shade, try limiting it to an entryway or just a small patch so that you still get a pop without cluttering your house.


Seal The Teal

Classic teal hues like the Super Forest Green & Aquamarine give your room a very beachy and relaxing vibe. Make sure you place some creamy neutral décor, like a mirror, table, or a chair, that pops against it. This contrast is the key to making a tiny space feel dynamic.


Cottage In The Woods

Sandstone and Venetian Grey can conjure a hushed yet characterful haven in a small boudoir – and be subtle enough to bounce light around. It helps you to play up on the cosy factor of a tiny room with a rich and elegant look. These shades, with a slight hint of grey, create intimacy even in a small space.

We would like to sum it all up by saying earthy tones and neutrals are generally the frequent choice for small bedrooms. If you prefer softer shades, grey, green or yellow can lighten up even a tiny room. Neutral shades can make the wall visually recede into the background, making the room appear larger and bringing more attention to the accessories in the room.

White can work well in a small bedroom, but be careful with stark white, since it can make any size bedroom feel cold. White is usually the best choice for a small room's ceiling as it makes it look higher than it actually is.

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