Paint Small Rooms to Maximize the Size

Paint  Small Rooms with these colours to maximize the Size

All of us in the urban areas know that there is a dire requirement of big spaces. Gone are the times when there were big rooms and bigger houses. It is imperative to now pull all the space that is there for your disposal and make it look as big as you can. The best and the most optimum way is to start with the colour of your walls. While there are many that would tell you that white is the way to go, but there are many more hues that can do the same for you.  In this list we will look at all the colours that you can vouch for to paint your walls to make them look bigger and the room more spacious. 


Subtle Africa:

This soft blonde colour will give your wall the additional warmth and an illusion of a bigger space to any room. Our décor tip for you is to add a warm coloured rug and some additional natural wall accents to give the room a big yet cozy appearance. 


Palace Purple:

Shocked to see a vivacious colour of the purple family like Palace Purple on the list. You must be thinking how a colour that is not on the lighter side can make a room look bigger. But the truth is that a bold, bright, and a stark colour like Palace Purple gives you a pop of colour without being in your face. This accent will help you give an illusion of a bigger and a more character dripping room.


Noble Grey:

The smaller the space on your hand the darker you can go on your walls. Our colours like Noble Grey and Night Sky fit the bill when it comes to creating big spaces that are not just cozy but chic and modern in aesthetic as well.


Jade Valley:

Our shades like Jade Valley and Batik Green have made this space because it is important to play with shadows when you are trying to create the illusion of a bigger room. Painting a room like this in a darker shade create the feeling of depth or the perception of visual space. 


Aqua Sky:

This minty hue gives the feel of breeze and freshness. You can add elements of mirror and a pop of bold colours to create a start contrast. This contrast will make the room look bigger and more spacious. 


Spiced Honey:

Our rich deep browns like Spiced Honey, Tumbleweed Trail, Slate Brown, and Historic Tan are there to give your room a cozy and warm overall appearance to make it look bigger. 

We hope that this list gave you a spectrum of colours and a pandora box of options to choose the hue of your choice. Albeit, if you are looking at making your room seem bigger you do not need to just use white as a rescue. There are multiple shades and countless choices from the colour family to pick from. Ultimately a perfect amalgamation of the colour on your wall with the décor accents in the room can come together to make your room look bigger. v

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