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How to Rightly Paint Any Colour of Tile Paint Colour Chart?

Tile Painting – An Art of Dolling Up the Walls and Corners

Many of you may not be aware of the fact that tiles too can get painted. There are a variety of tile paint colours are available in the market to give a makeover to the dated tiles and their designs. Replacing tiles is definitely a costly affair so it would be a thoughtful step to choose a shade from a paint colour chart and give a nice coat to your boring and outdated tile paint. If your room has got ceramic or mosaic tiles that are quite outdated, a few fresh stokes of any tone from your favourite paint colour chart can create magic without much time and effort. And it looks great too.  So here is the guide to help you prepare and paint tiles.   

1. Cleaning is necessary 
Proper cleaning is essential. To produce the best results, it is necessary that you clean the tiles well before picking any shade from the paint colour chart and start painting tiles. Since tiles are in high-use areas often, such as bathrooms and kitchens where they are subject to grime or soap scum. So, to clean them properly, use a sponge and industrial-grade cleaner to scrub tiles. After scrubbing them well, rinse with clear water and let them dry before you proceed to the next step.

2. Repair Cracks and Chips 
Tiles are very durable and tile paint too can stay like new for years if taken care of well. Though they are prone to water and soap grime and scum so they may show signs of wear and tear. To make sure that your tile paint doesn’t turn into a disaster, inspect all the tiles carefully and fill all the cracks and chips with caulk smoothly and let it dry to prepare an even and smooth surface and then proceed to the next step.

3. Sand the Old Tile
It is normal to get a layer of glaze on tiles after a certain period and the layer of glaze makes it difficult for a tile paint to adhere. So, it is advised to remove the glaze completely with the help of sandpaper and wipe away the sand grit well with a damp cloth to clean the tile surface. 

4. Apply Primer
Just choosing a paint colour chart won’t solve your purpose. The use of primer is essential whether you are painting mosaic tiles or cement tiles. Primers not only hide any unwanted colours, designs, scars, and spots but also provide a good base to a paint to adhere. Let the primer dry before applying any colour coating. Also, you can use two coats if required before moving to the next step.

5. Apply Epoxy Paint
Epoxy paints are specially manufactured to stick on tiles. The other properties they possess are: extremely durable, washable, and easy to apply

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