best colours for kitchen and cabinets

best colours for kitchen and cabinets

This is 21st century where the definition of home maker has been completely changed. Gone are the days when only females in the family used to be the part of the kitchen. When there is so much to explore in taste, why should males of the families should stay behind. They are also taking active participation in home affairs and activities. Reasons may differ, but kitchen has been equally important space for them too because we all love to eat. In fact, with the changing dimensions of time, it has become the hobby of many to cook delicious food for themselves, family, and friends. Which has a positive impact on the food and hotel industry. 

As a hobby, you don’t need any certificate to cook or bake something at home at least. If you want to take it professionally, then you may have to study some professional courses, but in your home kitchen, you can be a master chef without a degree. So, if kitchen is your one of the favourite places in the house, let’s give it your personalized touch. 

Generally, people overlook their kitchen spaces, but it needs your attention. If the kitchen space is not comfortable, who would want to enter?

Sharing out of experience, kitchen is not just all about cooking and baking. It’s one the most emotional corner of the home where love is a compulsory flavour added in every meal to make it healthy and more delicious. But is it possible to come to the best of your skills if the space is uncomfortable and sad? The answer would be no. So, it’s necessary to make it an attention demanding place where each member of the family like to enter. And creating such a space is no rocket science. You can start converting it today.

So, if you are planning to make a modern kitchen space for you or revamping the design which is decades old, take a tour with us to witness some exciting ideas turning into realities. 

The very first thing you need to keep in mind is, it should have enough space to arrange all the required things a kitchen need. Once space is decided, it’s time to paint it all over with white or off-white colour to give it a nice base and spacious look. After that, it’s time to choose the colour of walls. Depending on your taste, you can pick dark, cool, calm, or warm colours. Once the colour for walls is decided now comes one of the most important tasks which is choosing the right kind of cabinets. There are multiple design options in different wood types and metal styles are available to pick from. Or you can customize them as per choice. Once you are done with picking up the right cabinet, it’s time to choose colours for kitchen cabinets. If you decided to go for dark kitchen room colour, use the lighter shade of the same colour for cabinets or go for complete contrast to put more focus on your stylish cabinets in comparison to the kitchen colour design. 

However, choosing the best colour for your kitchen depends on many factors other than cabinets like how you want your kitchen interior to look like. Whether you want a modern look or like royal look more. You must keep in the mind the colour of light also that you want in your kitchen. Also, you need to keep in mind if your kitchen and dining space are together or separate. If the kitchen space is separate, you can colour it the way you want, but if it’s more an open kitchen and dining space is in living room, the colour for kitchen should go with the colour choices of the living room. Otherwise, it will give a feel of left out space and one who usually spends most of the time of the day in kitchen is also going to feel the same way. Few of the best colours for kitchen may be apple green, cobalt, mustard yellow, dark purple, dark navy, mint green, pistachio, soft grey, etc. Once you are done with colour and painting of kitchen and cabinets, time to décor your kitchen. For that you can place some indoor plants next to window and showcase your royal cutlery collection in a royal showcase. Adjust things and electronics according to space and That’s it. Your dream kitchen is ready to give you wonderful feel every day. Happy cooking!

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