Tones of bedroom colours for a beautiful makeover of your walls

Tones of bedroom colours for a beautiful makeover of your walls


Every colour has a story to tell and personality to reflect. It becomes easy to choose bedroom colours and plan the decorating process if the colour wheel is observed. If you have already chosen the paint colours and know its shades on the spectrum, everything gets easier from ideating to shopping and executing the plan. If you still don’t have any clue about choosing paint colours for your bedroom, read further for amazing colours and paints.

Mint Green and Pale Grey

Mint green is a very approachable colour to freshen up the bedroom look. If you want an inspiring colour that can help you wake up early and fresh in the morning, use mint green with pale grey on your bedroom walls and try to avoid the shade having too cosy a vibe. 

Fuchsia and Egg Blue

Fuchsia is a bright and bold shade that can create a focal space anywhere even if you paint it in the smallest corner. It looks rich and royal in the background with the rest of the walls or just the ceiling in an egg blue tone.

Lime and Pearl Pink

If your idea of painting your bedroom says to have a colour which can illuminate in candlelight also, use this combination. This combination will make your bedroom look bright and graceful but you have to be attentive about furniture and furnishings.

Royal Purple and white

As the name says, royal purple is a regal colour. The more space you give to purple it will increase the richness in the proportion. Purple on all the walls with undertones of it with white in the upholstery will make your bedroom look no less than a royal place. 

Dusty Blue and White

The neutral looking dusty blue with white looks endless even in the compact size bedrooms. The soft effect of this neutral blue reflects calmness and peace without being dark and intense.

Deep Beige and Grey

Cover at least one wall in deep beige to have a bedroom with a statement. It will brighten up the bedroom if you paint one wall in this neutral tone instead of painting it all in white. To grace the look and feel of the room, you can make it marry with greys and cool blues with warm neutral tones on metal accents. 

Sage Green and Black/Charcoal Black

If you want to try something new, paint the ceiling in a bold tone to add a more powerful statement. This trick will make your room draw more attention and will also inspire you to be creative while being fun, calm and grounded. 

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