Trending Colours This Season

Trending Colours This Season

If you are building a new house, then you have a blank canvas to build and ideate on. There are countless directions you can go in and create the home of your dreams. But what doesn’t change is the fact that you need to start somewhere. There are many ways in which you can build your mood board. Worry no more, because we have made your task easier by giving you the trendiest colour trends of 2021. The great thing is that Pantone has named two shades as the colours of the year – ‘Ultimate Grey’ and ‘Illuminating’ –which are a deep grey and a bright yellow respectively. If you are looking to start creating a new home, why not start where the trends lie?

Here we have marked a number of colours that fall in the same colour family of ultimate grey and illuminating. 


Light’s Out:

This warm, deep, and sophisticated shade of grey is the ultimate addition to creating a modern and calm space. Light’s Out is a great colour that looks pleasing to the eyes so that you can find your calm sanctuary in any space. If you want your home to be the ultimate retreat from the world Light’s Out is the most appropriate and approachable way to create your own little piece of heaven! 


Grey Tabby:

If you are looking to incorporate instant grandeur and a space the exudes richness and heritage, then Grey Tabby is your colour. The timeless appeal and beauty of Grey Tabby is hard to combat and match up to. With the perfect backdrop of a jeweled deep grey tone, Grey Tabby can help you gain that understated eclectic beauty and charm. If you are feeling to create a home that speaks volumes of your taste, then Grey Tabby is your shade. 


Green Lemon: 

If you are looking to heat things up, then Green Lemon is the way to go. It energizes your room, uplifting your spirit and giving you a sense of hopefulness, and zest. Green Lemon is a fiery colour that helps you to create a space that is bright, bold and stylish. No matter what your aesthetic is, Green Lemon will fall into line with your sense of design. 


Yellow Fervor:

This is a great choice if you are wanting to pack in nature and nurture together. This is an extension of a deep yellow colour that adds depth to any room and creates vividness. The energy of Yellow Fervor will add an infectious energy of any room. 

We hope that this list helped you zero down on our best picks of our renditions of the Pantone shades of the year 2021. These will not only give you a different take on the classics, but will also help you incorporate your own version of taste in these shades. No matter what the space and purpose of the room is, these colours can help you create enticing and beautiful rooms. With the right accompanying accents and elements, these shades will do your creativity and interior spaces great justice. 

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