Infuse Life in False Ceiling with Colours

Infuse Life in False Ceiling with Colours

Have you ever imagined how you are going to feel if your entire family is planning to go for a vacation without you? You will feel left out and ignore. Ceiling is that part of home which ensures the peaceful resting hours still doesn’t get its due attention when it is about designing and colouring it. Have you ever noticed how dull your ceiling look without a design and colour? Why to turn blind eye on ceiling when entire house is attracting the most pleasant universal energies. Don’t you feel like showing some love to it while resting and gazing its colourless life. This is the glamorous century where not only people, but their objects, gadgets, cars, accessories, and homes are glamorous too. So today people invest a good amount of their time and money to get their home designed the way they want. We have come away far from the time when four walls with the ceiling above used to called home. Today every single corner of the house is created with a purpose and has something to say.

This writeup is all about giving you an insight into the most neglected part of the home/office space i.e., ceiling. To break the ice, we have pushed the limits and kind of reversed the concept of ceiling design and colours while representing come unique ceiling design ideas. 


Hi-tech Stencils

High-tech stencils replacing decades old monotonous stencil designs and with them a glossy or classy metallic finish is accessible in tones and hues of magnetic colours.   


Non-traditional Colour Choices

It’s been seen that white or off-white is the default colour choice for the ceiling in most of the homes. However, it looks subtle in combination but is this any thump rule to keep the ceiling colour design white only. What if few coats of false ceiling colours can be applied on the ceiling tuning with the texture wall? Let’s reverse the concept, paint side walls white and ceiling with colour like grey, yellow, horizon, faux stone, pale or powder blue, purple, or dark brown. You can warm things up with this crazy experiment in your living room. 


Wallpaper, Strips, and Patterns

When there is a wide range of wallpapers pattern (simple, geometric, angular, floral, bold, monochromatic) is available for residential and commercial space, it is not hard giving a makeover to your ceiling to tune it with the wall colour. Or to add a little drama above, create strips and pattern in single, double, or multiple false ceiling colours. 


Art and Craft

It’s not tough to satisfy the art and craft lover in you. To give your ceiling a sizzling makeover and stretched look, install large prints, focused illustrations, illusive geometries, graphics, photos, that catch your fancy.  


Plants and Woods  

It may sound strange to you, but to give your space an immediate fresh feel, suspending plants from ceiling may give a complete natural feel. As it will add more natural décor and natural element. Build frames and hang them with overflowing fronds to take your nature’s love to next level. 

To give it a whole new look and to add warmth to room, use painted wood, mix varied length planks, stains and finishes with hanging plants. 


Brick and Stone pattern

To add the feel of natural, earthy elements, yet making it to look modern, bricks and stone patterns are perfect choices. For a connected and cohesive colour experience, choose the brick colour complementing the interiors and furnishing of the house. 



Give a completely new look to the ceiling. Create unique sculptures and designs or simple ocean waves/cut-outs directly on the false ceiling and let them play with light and colours. 


3D installations 

Witness one light/object become dozen with 3D installations and illusions. 3D installations create magically amazing lightning fixtures in texture that offers another level of surprise to the eyes. Pick a rudimentary pattern in black/blue or an arabesque pattern to make boring ceiling interesting and for creating a contemporary impression on the space above your head. 

These are few unique ceiling design ideas to give you a glimpse of how you can cast the dull feel away from the ceiling and give a creative touch to your entire house. 

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