The best contemporary furnishings and door colour paints 

Not only exterior, but interior of the house has a landscape too for the accessories and crafts placed inside the living space. To make any interior look attractive and happening, only the right colour choice of texture paint, door colour paint, and furnishings can do the woo for you. So here are few basic, neutral, as well as wooden paint colours suggested to flaunt your home. 

1. Yellow at the front door is a bold entrance choice, but goes well with the modern exterior like wood paneled bright brick blocks with grey or black trims of the windows and door. And the same paneled wood pattern or texture paint you can keep for interior along with furniture in natural or artificial wooden paint colours.   

2. To update the exterior of a traditional home like modern ones, choose the garage shade for door colour paint and to define the exterior, keep window panels large and open. To add more width to the house look, install the LEDs which throw light horizontally and choose a neutral colour like grey or stone grey for external walls. For internal walls also, stick to the same colour and keep the colour of furniture black or dull white as it will accentuate the character of the house.    

3. If you want to have a timeless door colour paint on your front door that tunes well with light, medium, as well as dark colours, try egg blue. It looks amazing at the door with dark exteriors like grey and charcoal and blends well with light and neutral interior. To pair up egg blue with the décor and furnishings use white and the faded shades of linen and drapes and the same for sculptures, vase, frames and trims.  

4. Use a little warm colour like pink for door colour paint instead of wooden paint colours with white trims and metallic frames/moldings to make it look welcoming. And for interior of the house, use wine or rasin colour with linen and fabrics in their lightest shades. To give it more transparent effect, use bright white lights focusing ceiling and flooring.

5. Red can add interest in an awfully dramatic way in boring and neutral living spaces. Being considered a great source of energy, classic red, Morocco red, brown-toned red, blue-toned red, purple-toned red are amazing paint swatches for every corner of the house wherever you want to use it. 

6. Green represents calmness, balance, and renewal and synchronizes well with external as well as internal backdrop. It is one of the easiest colour choice which looks great and can elevate home’s curb appeal without being bold.

To make sure that you go with the best shades of green only, you can take inspiration from your backyard’s natural greens. Light green, lime green, and rich green are few cool and contemporary colour options for front door as well as interior and exterior walls with grey, stone grey, and white bricks or other texture paint. 

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