Refreshing House Painting Colours

Colours for creating imposing mural paint design

You can count all the basic colours on fingers, but not all the swatches which can be created with combination of two or more colours. So, if you are looking for a bed room colour design, living room paint design or kitchen paint design, the choices can be as versatile as the colours.  Though all the trends cannot be covered here, but we have come up with top 4 contributing paint design colours which can go equally well for room colour design as well as kitchen. 

1. Deep blue with grey 

This is one of the most popular and never to fail pigment combinations which create a cool and inviting effect in your house interior. To make the ambience cheerful and warm, use the matte grey with comforting pastel tone of blue. Give a nice do up to the décor and furnishing, and use white/gray linen all over with golden planters having beautiful indoor plants to complete the look of the house. 

2. Olive green with charcoal grey

These two earthy tones are for those who want to be creative not only with architecture, comfort, décor, drapes, and craftmanship, but colours too. This combination looks subtle and absorbing, so will require a good amount of artificial light if the space is narrow and not exposed to sunlight. Though inside the room, it will create a nice and cosy character, but if you want to have a balanced look, use white in room interior in high intensity radiating tone against pop colour on the walls.  

3. Beige with misty green and dark wood brown

This can be said a timeless combination because it is bright, enduring and uplifting. Colours represents feelings and one being thoughtful with colours happen to be optimistic. Beige with dark brown tones is such a combination which is going to elevate the aura of the house without having overwhelmed lighting. 

4. Silver leaf with stone quarry 

If you want to witness the teamwork of colour palette, use the combination of silver leaf with stone quarry. These two are there to evolve the incredible union of two beautiful colours where one is bold the other is neutral. One letting the other to have an illuminating effect. Both the colours are neutral, but look rich on room walls and draw attention of everyone. And if you choose these two as your room colour, the cherry on the cake will be that you can have a new look of the room every now and then with just a little change in the placement of décor as the combination radiates differently with different décor in different corners.

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