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Visualise Your Dream Space with Dulux Preview Service

Visualise our dream space ahead of your next paint job with Dulux Preview Service! Say goodbye to carrying multiple decks of colour cards that weigh a tonne to envision how your new paint job will look, and hello to seamless colour combinations for you to play around with and choose from before settling on your favourite colours.

Our Preview service lets you picture your space with the colours of your choice before you actually start painting. By uploading your own photo, the device gives you a close resemblance what it would look like when painted. You can then select your preferred colour combinations from the Dulux Colour palette available on the platform. 

TheDulux Preview Service gives you the following benefits: 

Real-time visualisation. Upload your own photo and our Dulux Preview Service will digitally enhance how your space is going to look like with the new colours on. This allows you to plan your paint job taking into account other furniture or wall fixtures in the area with ease.

Multiple colour combinations available. Instead of just one colour combination for you to choose from Our Preview service provides a variety of colour combinations based on the reference image you uploaded.

You also can select from various Dulux colour themes based on the ambience you want for your space or pick your favourite colour to serve as the lead colour with recommendations on which other colours would complement your space.

Personalized recommendations. The tool will provide colour recommendations not just based off the reference image that you have uploaded but also taking into account global trends and expert advice to give you the best personalised design recommendations.

Instant accessibility. There’s no need to wait for someone to attend to you as the tool is readily available online. All you have to do is visit www.duluxpreviewservice.com and work from there. 

Best-in-class and easy to use platform. Our new Preview service is the first of its kind in the industry and aims to reduce turnaround time to under 24 hours. Making it a no-fuss, no-frill platform designed to make your paint job easier for you. 

Achieve the paint job that you’ll love in 3 simple steps–– Snap, Preview, Paint. Get started today by visiting www.duluxpreviewservice.com.

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